Applications and inspiration


The Individual Touch

Seeing the possibilities – and exploiting them – is what it’s all about! AALBORG WHITE is white cement simply
made for thinking creatively in concrete, mortar and paint.



Concrete Surfaces
– beautiful solutions with AALBORG WHITE

Historical development shows that since the end of the 19th century, the use of concrete has progressed because it is mainly an inexpensive and flexible material.


White Concrete Technology
– a world of possibilities

White concrete is synonymous with light, clear colours and beautifully consistent surfaces. Constructions automatically look more elegant and slim when they are created using white concrete.


Structural Concrete
Brilliant Sophistication with AALBORG WHITE

Sophisticated, brightly coloured concrete structures with concrete panels or in situ cast structures.


Enhance the Beauty of Your Building with AALBORG WHITE

Mortars are used in a wide range of applications, and
when aesthetic appeal is a priority, AALBORG WHITE is often included in the formulation.


Beauty that Stands the Test of Time
– Durable Terrazzo Based on AALBORG WHITE

An ancient technique with a modern appeal. It has been known for centuries. It still applies: Terrazzo is a terrific product and AALBORG WHITE is a terrific cement for
making terrazzo.


Light up the City
with Products Based on AALBORG WHITE

Take a Walk on the White Side. Concrete is practical in towns and cities, but we need colours around us. Play with the colours.