Wall Finishes - Premixed White Thick Mortar

Aalborg White Portland cement is an ideal choice to produce pre-packed WHITE Thick Mortar for plastering application of 10 to 25mm thickness. It is suitable and easy to be applied onto brick/concrete walls and yet economical as finish for both internal and external walls.Aalborg White is pre-blended with specially graded silica sand, selective limestone and chemical additives and it is prepacked in factory to ensure consistent mix proportion as an alternative to conventional plastering of cement-sand render at site.The benefits of prepacked White Thick Mortar are:

  1. Light intensity plaster.
  2. White and durable finish.
  3. Substantial cost saving on painting work.
  4. Effective use of site space and cleaner job site compared to site mixing.
  5. Pre-blended at factory and this will ensure constant mix proportion.
  6. Non-combustible.

90_awa.prepacked_thick_mortar_1 90_wall_finish_1 90_wall_finish_2