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The White Guide

The book gives you an easy access to basic knowledge about white cement and the many ways it can be used in concrete and mortar.



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Aesthetic durability of white concrete structuresGuidelines on how to obtain aesthetically durable white concrete structures. The report is based on a combination of literature, field observations and experimental investigations.


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White Concrete for Aggressive EnvironmentThis report documents the durability and strength of white concrete based on AALBORG WHITE cement. The documentation is based on a large experimental examination.


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White Concrete for Aggressive Environment
– COWI evaluation report


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Concrete Hardening
– COWI technical paperThe early development of high tensile strength of AALBORG WHITE based concretes results in low risk of crack formation during hydration.


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Self Compacting Concrete
Based on AALBORG WHITESuccessful use of Self Compacting Concrete – or SCC – requires knowledge of this new concrete material – its strengths and weaknesses, possibilities and limitations.


Selbstverdichtender Beton
auf der Basis von AALBORG WHITE
[German version]
Concrete Surfaces

– beautiful solutions with AALBORG WHITEHistorical development shows that since the end of the 19th century, the use of concrete has progressed because it is mainly an inexpensive and flexible material.



– a world of possibilitiesWhite concrete is synonymous with light, clear colours and beautifully consistent surfaces. Constructions automatically look more elegant and slim when they are created using white concrete.


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[German version]

Big Bags – the way to do it
Guide to handling Big Bags


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