Dry Mix Products


What is dry mix products?

Dry mix product is categorized as ready-to-use white cement based product where only water is required to be added into it for immediate use at the construction site. All the ingredients in dry mix products are premixed and bagged in the factory to ensure consistent mix. Thus, accurate and controllable mix ratio is achievable at the construction site.

White Skim Coat Plaster

White skim coat plaster made from White Portland cement, graded silica and chemical additives suitable to be used for leveling and finishing the uneven cement and concrete based substrates.

Wall Finishes – Premixed White Thick Mortar 

Ensuring consistent mix proportion as an alternative to conventional plastering of cement-sand render at site, Aalborg White cement is an ideal choice to produce pre-packed WHITE Thick Mortar for plastering application.

Coloured Cement

Coloured cement made from White Portland cement provides economical and minimal maintenance for colored concrete, wall, floor rendering or pointing mortar, terrazzo, pre-cast units, footpaths and garden paths.

White Cement Paint

White cement paint is good to be applied on any cement-based products such as brickwork, stonework, concrete, cement rendering, building block and brick.  It provides a rock-hard weather-resistant surface finish and gives good water repellency property.

Premixed White Pool Plaster

Using Aalborg White cement in the premixed White Pool Plaster for the interior of concrete water pool creates a reflective, sparkling and refreshing ambience.

White Waterproofing Slurry Coating

Made from Aalborg White cement, white waterproofing slurry coating is not only providing main function of waterproof the concrete and masonry substrate, but it also possess high visibility in order to stand out from the grey concrete substrate.