450_services_sfe_tool02This service group is the very heart of our experience based communication. We believe in the strength of experiencing the qualities and potential at first hand.

We seek to bring the time, the senses, experiences and people into play. We regard this as the most reliable form of communication as it leaves it up to the individual to experience and conclude!

The SEE FEEL EXPERIENCE tools are valuable tools for:

  1. Those who want to inspire and promote the use of white cement
  2. Those who wants to be inspired i.e. architects, building owners, users, producers etc

The tools can be used to:

  • show the various possibilities within the use of white cement and concrete.
  • give input to specific applications / projects.

The tools cannot however stand alone! They require insight and knowledge of the properties of the tools and what benefit user gets.

Examples of Tools:

  • Sample Tool Boxes
  • Show room with widespread use of white and coloured concrete.
  • Dispatch packages for concrete samples.
  • Workshops and seminars based on SEE FEEL EXPERIENCE communication.
  • Participation in trade shows, exhibitions and seminars.
  • Guided Tours for Reference Buildings and factory tours.