The brand


A strong brand consists of people brought together by a movement towards a goal which is meaningful to them all. It inspires people and through this generates a coherent force as it moves forwards in the world.

It is like a voluntary organisation. It is not a group of identical people but a collection of different competencies with a common will which they want to share with others. A strong brand looks out across its own bottom line and takes responsibility for the entire value chain including the end user.

This is the road we want to travel. We want to make the organisation behind AALBORG WHITE a meaningful movement, an organisation which stirs the hearts of all who come into contact with us.

Our mission statement is PIONEERING AESTHETICS!
We challenge the known and take aesthetics to new frontiers – thus paving the way for a more beautiful, more expressive and safer world.

We explore the world in which we live. Being true pioneers, we are born curious. We have to find out what is around the next corner. We constantly seek new methods for solving existing problems. And we have a well honed ability to absorb new experience and to turn it into relevant knowledge.

We understand important relationships in our surroundings and strengthen the business logic of the value chain of which we are a part. We are goal-oriented in the assistance, which we provide to our partners. Thanks to our long-standing global presence, we are capable of putting our curiosity to constructive use and of acting professionally across cultural divides.

We make innovative solutions possible by sharing our knowledge with others, because we know that results are created through co-operation. We seek knowledge, gather ideas and have the ability to convert knowledge from one area into new opportunities in other areas. This allows us to bring out the best in our partners. We help them to do their best, and through this take part in creating a more exciting and safer world.