Winner of New Product Award in Malaysia's ARCHIDEX 2011 Exhibition

AALBORG WHITE cement in Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone (GFRS) won 2011’s new product award which was jointly organized by Malaysian Institute of Architects and C.I.S Network Sdn. Bhd. in ARCHIDEX 2011 exhibition held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia.

GFRS is a cement surface finishing material developed by one of our customers, Pioneer Process Sdn. Bhd., to provide natural look of sandstone, polished stone, chip-stone and colour stone. AALBORG WHITE cement is incorporated in the mixture of white silica sand, fine aggregates, mineral fillers, polymer, glass fibre, ultra-violet resistant pigment and other additives to make GFRS stronger material apart from providing natural stone appearance uniqueness of its own.

GFRS are used in many applications such as:
• Façade Cladding and Wall Panels.
• Large Planter Boxes.
• Counter Tops and Stone Furniture.
• Floral Panels and Decorative Pots.

Among the features and benefits of using GFRS are:
• Free from Volatile Organic Compound (VOC).
• A three (3)-dimensional stone finishing product can be made in a single unit without joints which could not be achieved using ordinary stone and marble materials.
• Two to three times lighter in weight compared with pre-cast product of similar size.
• Custom made to suit latest styles and designs.
• Durable and conform to ASTM C947-99 standard.