Visibility and Reflectivity of White Concrete Barrier in Malaysia

White concrete barrier is not new in this world. In US, New Jersey Department of Transportation has experience using white concrete for barriers since early 1960s. A lot of decision to consider white concrete came from recognition in US that more accidents per mile driven occur at night than during daylight hours. To guide the traffic, visible, eye catching whiteness is the safe solution because when it comes to traffic, road safety is proportional to visibility.

A stretch of 400meter long white concrete barrier has been recently casted at Sg. Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia. As it is a sharp edge corner, white concrete has been considered in order to give a good visibility to the road users especially at night and during raining nights.

No doubt, conventional concrete could be coated or painted to become white, but it is unable to eliminate repainting. This does not factor in additional costs due to the traffic congestion, traffic delays and motorist inconvenience. Looking for a way to eliminate the periodic painting in order to maintain the whiteness, white concrete is the solution by providing better visibility at a lower maintenance cost.