Sample of Premix White Cement Concrete

Thanks to technological advances, concrete can be cast in a variety of finishes and colours and this will definitely offers architects and the construction industry a material that is both eminently practical and aesthetically pleasing. White concrete is no doubt becomes part of designs in a contemporary building design, both commercial and private building in all range of project sizes.

Now, you can easily get either 25kg or 40kg packing of Pre-mix White Cement Concrete from Aalborg White Asia Sdn. Bhd. By adding 10% of water and mix it thoroughly, the concrete is ready to be poured into your custom made mould. Hassle free, cost effective and time saving; instead of purchase sand, coarse aggregate and cement separately.

Samples made by Premix White Cement Concrete are now ready for your inspiration and please contact us to know more. The samples available are Code 101 – Natural White Concrete; and Code 201 – Etched White Concrete. You can expect more from us in near future with coloured concrete.