Designer's Bench

Unlimited possibilities of using Aalborg White Portland cement as the main ingredients by integrating it with polymers and natural minerals became reality in producing a curvature classic sandstone finishing bench. The designer’s bench is the brain child of Aalborg White Asia S/B by emulating a palm oil leaf pattern. With the support rendered by AWA’s customers, i.e. fabricator and dry mix manufacturer, the idea for a curvature bench became reality.

When the bench is viewed from different angle, it gives a special expression to the viewers especially on the curve line of the bench with natural sandstone finishing. What’s more, the bench also gives you a cooling effect once you sit onto it. You will definitely enjoy it.

The bench was produced using composite material and concrete shell technology. This has enabled the bench to be produced with a span of 1,500mm and concrete thickness of 15mm only. The weight is estimated to be around 150kg which is considered light as light composite material is used as the main filler in the inner part.


Designer’s bench, a brain child of Aalborg White Asia S/B.


The bench viewed from different angle to express the unlimited possibilities of using white cement.


Surface texture of standstone finishes of the bench.