Aalborg White Portland Cement Based Granolithic Pots Won New Products Award in ARCHIDEX 08

The first time in Malaysia, Aalborg White Cement Based Granolithic Pot awarded for New Products Award in ARCHIDEX 08 exhibition, Malaysia. The granolithic pots were innovated from an advanced knowledge in cementitious decorative dry mix and a combination of cementitious mould making technology. The pots were introduced to the market in April 2008.

The pots are made from unique blend of high quality Aalborg White Portland cement, selected silicates, fine aggregates, proprietary fillers and other performance enhancement additives. The combination of these earthy materials enables the products to have attractive quarry and sandstone appearance naturally unique to its own.

The pots are strengthened with glass fiber reinforcement and coated with water repellent protective coatings on its external surface. Unlike normal clay products, no firing to high temperature is required which makes the pot an environmental friendly “green” product.

Granolithic pots are available in five (5) earth tone colours and six (6) sandy tone colours. Dual combination of colours in a single pot is normally preferred as it gives a more attractive outlook. The pots are designed towards today’s modern living lifestyle and it is ideal for homes, resorts, hotels and other places where a blend of soft and cozy ambience is desired.450_awa_news_mal_aug08_2_