Aalborg White cement used in Glass Fiber Reinforced Sandstone

Much development is made these days to use AALBORG WHITE cement in Glass Fiber Reinforced Sandstone (GFRS) as finishing materials. GFRS belongs to a new generation of stone-look alike surface finishing material incorporating the technology and technique used in Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC). However, unlike conventional GFRC which comes in plain cement finishes only, GFRS is available in a variety of natural-look alike stone finishing which includes sandstone, polished stone and travertine stone.
The surface material of GFRS is made from a unique blend of high quality white Portland Cement from Aalborg Portland Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., high quality white silica sand, fine aggregates, proprietary mineral fillers, polymer, fibre, UV resistant pigment, efflorescence resistant agent and other performance enhancement additives. The combination of these constituents makes GFRS a strong material apart from having natural stone appearance uniqueness of its own. Such a harmonious stone texture is rendered possible through a unique and precise concrete mixture pouring technique coupled with special concrete surface treatment. The surface of GFRS is also protected with water repellent impregnate or clear acrylic sealer.

GFRS are used in many applications such as:
– Façade Cladding and Wall Panels (Sandstone Finish)
– Large Planter Boxes (Sandstone Finish)
– Counter Tops and Stone Furniture (Polished Stone Finish)
– Floral Panels and Decorative Pots (Travertine Stone Finish)