AALBORG WHITE Cement Showcase in ARCHIDEX 2013 Exhibition

Aalborg Portland Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. participated in the 14th Malaysia Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition (ARCHIDEX 2013) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia from 19th to 22nd June 2013. The ARCHIDEX exhibition is an annual event organized primarily for architects and interior designers and visited by more than 30,000 people from 54 countries.

APM’s booth, built primarily of AALBORG WHITE cement products, reveals the unlimited possibilities of AALBORG WHITE cement in various applications. A monolithic tone wall panel cladding system with various designs and patterns, including monolithic surfaces, texture surfaces, sandstone surface finishes and art precast panels generated significant interest from architects and interior designers.  Moreover, the showcased wall panel is suitable for application not only on indoor but outdoor surfaces as well.

Apart from the above, SCI Brand Colour & Texture Render was highlight in the ARCHIDEX exhibition. The Colour & Texture Render is a new method of rendering without painting that gives great savings as there is no labor cost required for painting works, which in turn leads to an added benefit of reduced construction time. The versatility of SCI Brand Colour & Texture Renders is a feature made possible by the high whiteness of AALBORG WHITE cement; the unique success factor of the Renders.

Among other displayed white cement based applications are a curvature counter, white concrete stools and an organic-shaped garden hard landscape product, all of which are made from AALBORG WHITE cement. All these white cement products stood out as durable yet artistic creations in APM’s booth. On the whole, the booth stand has strengthened APM’s image as a global white cement player in the local construction industry.