AALBORG WHITE Cement Inspirations in ARCHIDEX 2015 Exhibition

Aalborg Portland Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. recently participated in the 16th Malaysia Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition (ARCHIDEX 2015) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia from 12th to 15th August 2015. The ARCHIDEX 2015 exhibition was co-organized by Malaysian Institute of Architects and was a great success. Visitors, architects, developers and contractors found geneuine interest in the various AALBORG WHITE cement features that were displayed at the booth as inspiration for all.

AALBORG WHITE cement showcased the aesthetics value of white cement through a display of new yet innovative applications for both vertical and horizontal surface finishes. Multi-colour texture renders, graphic precast panels and architectural stone veneers are the main features for vertical surface finishes; whereas horizontal surface finishes comprises of precast triangle shape terrazzo, polished concrete floor panels and graphic concrete floor panels.

All in all, AALBORG WHITE cement inspiration at this year’s ARCHIDEX exhibition has inevitably created a new dimension to the architectural expression.