SCI Brand Drymix White Adhesive for Fixing Precast Concrete Panel

SCI Brand Drymix White Adhesive is a pre-blend product of Aalborg White cement, specially selected aggregates and chemical additives. It is ideal for fixing of precast concrete wall panel for building works. It has excellent workability and it so convenient to the applicators because once required amount of water is mixed into it, the adhesive is ready to be used.

Being white in colour, white adhesive provides good contrast quality control between the joints on the grey based substrates of precast concrete wall panel. SCI brand white adhesive is designed to:

a) Provides hard, durable and water resistant properties.
b) Excellent bonding and high compressive strength.
c) Very low drying shrinkage.


90_awa_news_sci_nov06(2)Applying SCI Brand White Adhesive on the joints of precast concrete wall panel


90_awa_news_sci2_nov06SCI Brand White Adhesive on precast concrete wall panel